Professional Development
Professional Development

Leadership based professional developments range in topics from successful negotiating to improving leadership skills.


The group collaborates on existing initiatives to be a positive influence in the area.

Monthly Mixers
Professional Mixers

Professionals from a diverse group of industries meet each month for professional mixers where a highlighted influencer helps raise awareness on their local efforts.

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About The Founder and Organizer

Monica Peña is an entrepreneur by heart and founder of MUNDU Media, LLC, a marketing company that services professionals and businesses to build their presence.

What Our Members Say

Jaime Herrera, Veteran and Roofer

North Austin Influencers has not only given me a lot of great people to call upon but also the amount of business I have gotten from the group.

Darryl Daugherty,  Managing Partner at Funny Rocket Scientist,Inc.

I have attended many North Austin Influencers events which is a mixture of informative events and great mixers. I have been connected with new clients and great people.

Edie C Phillips, Author and Realtor

I started attending North Austin Influencers several years ago and met professionals from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds and businesses. As a result of my affiliation with the North Austin Influencers, I was contacted by another attendee who needed a Realtor. I helped she and her husband locate the house of their dreams for their family. North Austin Influencers have influence.

Awesome List To Speak Locally

Every single day people across the United States and around the world stand up in front of some kind of audience and speak. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to use local stages as your strong marketing asset. 

North Austin Influencers