Meet Angel Austin, Adding Light and Love to Your Home Through Music

Meet Angel Austin, Adding Light and Love to Your Home Through Music

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Passionate about her singing in a young age, Angel Austin often found she was remembered because of her voice by people she did not know. After Angel Austin started Austin Mobile Concierge with her husband almost three years ago, she has recently re-visited a desire to share her heart through music. With Life Music House Concerts, she is able to go to people’s homes, sing for them, and share stories about her life and experiences. These include difficult struggles with cardiac health. Through her concerts and healthy food posts via social media, Angel is sharing her journey to a stronger heart, to weight loss, and to total health. Her greatest hope is that by doing so, she will encourage people to make better decisions that result in increased longevity and improved quality of life. “I’ve been singing since I could talk. I used to sing and dance so much, when I was in Elementary School, my neighbors would call me over to their parties so I could sing and dance for them. I sang in the school choir and the choir at my church,” describes Austin.

She’s ecstatic about her first music release, “It’s a sound that is making resurgence in songs like Marc Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars. It has a catchy hook and a baseline that makes it impossible to stay still.” Who Can Love Me Like That is an inspirational song with an “Old School Funk” flavor reminiscent of the R&B music of the 80’s and 90’s.

“Initially, my goal with Life Music House Concerts was just to sing and share my heart and life experiences through song, but then I remembered the vision I had to help people full, healthy lives. I realized that through the music, I could gain access to the resources to make my vision a reality.” She was soon able to receive  fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas,  a non-profit that supports artists by eliminating practical barriers to artistic expression, so as to foster a more agile and resilient cultural ecosystem. Angel Austin is now also developing programs and looking to form a team to start the nomination/selection process for program participants.

Angel Austin minored in Music with a concentration in Classical Voice (Opera). Austin continues, “It opened up a whole new world and my instructor said I had a “Cadillac” of a voice. I was asked to do local engagements, singing what was then a form of music that was brand new to me, but I loved it.”  At our North Austin Influencers’ February mixer this year Angel Austin shared her journey of living a healthier lifestyle and mesmerized attendees as she sang in Italian a snippet from Lasciatemi Morire by Claudio Monteverdi.

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