Clarity during a pandemic

Clarity during a pandemic

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We all remember seeing the pictures after lockdown of the clearer skies in major cities. As complete populations stayed indoors, it seemed the Earth started healing.

Picture of New Delhi’s India Gate in fall of 2019 versus April 2020.

When humans were under strict guidelines to stay indoors, wildlife roamed freely in usually crowded urban areas. At times it even felt like the birds were chirping louder.

Wildlife roam freely.

After the initial shock, what being under quarantine did was give clarity of the world around us. Having our lives as we knew it change so drastically, gave us time to reflect on habits before the pandemic and the importance of being intentional in our daily activities. If changes were going to be made there was no better time than now.

I personally took the time to reflect on even my decisions as a consumer and decide which changes I needed to make. Even small adjustments as a consumer could make bigger differences if constantly followed or others went the same route. I was going to start at home.

I will share my journey during some of these decisions. Please share clarity you uncovered during 2020 or tips that may be helpful to us by emailing me

Monica Peña at [email protected] . I will contact you if I plan to share on social media. Let’s collaborate and influence this world in a positive way together !

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