A heart attack is predictable and preventable: The risk of a heart attack is measured at the waist

A heart attack is predictable and preventable: The risk of a heart attack is measured at the waist


By Jorge Ramos, Director of Prinso Health Center

When a fatal heart attack occurs, it takes everyone by surprise even loved ones.  The reality is that the heart attack is actually predictable and preventable.

As more and more of the risk factors for heart problems are known in a person, a heart attack or real chance of having a heart attack can easily be anticipated.  This is something important to take into account. With data from the Texas Heart Institute, studies say that about one third of people who suffer a heart attack in the United States die before arriving at the hospital.

The main risk factors that develop cardiovascular problems and heart attacks are:

High pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and overweight, the latter being the most relevant in terms of its close relationship with cardiovascular problems.  This is true even if the first factors were not present or were of low intensity.

Other influencing factors are: Male gender, lack of physical activity or a sedentary lifestyle, a history of cardiovascular disease in parents and siblings, age, which was previously over 65 years and now from 40 to 45 is seen increased risk.  And then there is a very relevant factor: stress.

Taking into account all the factors, both those that cannot be changed as those that can be changed, the most important factor in forecasting and in the prevention of a heart attack  is overweight.

Currently the cardiologists that measure the risk of cardiovascular problems in men, give much more importance to the measure of the widest part of the abdomen, than to the altering cholesterol levels or triglycerides.

Thus, a lot of the media today and based on the findings of experts from the World Health Organization, are saying that:  Today the risk of heart attack is measured at the waist.

If in men the widest part of the abdomen measures 94 to 102 cm, there is an increased risk of having a heart attack and if that measure goes beyond 102 cm or 40 inches, the risk is much greater and is practically only a matter of time before the person were to have a heart attack.

Due to the above information, a heart attack is predictable.

If the person with an enlarged abdomen is treated in a serious, formal and specific way the underlying problem of overweight, which is the service, approach and solution offered by Prinso Health Center, it can be said that from now on, the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular problems begins to decrease.  That’s why we say that heart attack is preventable.

The Prinso® Program is 100% natural and effective to specifically resolve the cause of overweight, increasing longevity, and quality of life for the benefit of ourselves & our loved ones.

You can book an appointment online at www.prinso.com or call Austin at 512 450 5150 or San Antonio at 210 547 8500 to start lowering the risk of a heart attack as soon as possible.

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