Sales Meetings – it matters where you sit

Sales meeting

Sales Meetings – it matters where you sit


By LeAnn Pashina, founder of Creatively Communicate, Inc .

Believe it or not, where you and your prospective client sits at a table during your presentation will play a factor in the conversational flow, success in closing the sale, and the energy in the room. Understanding this will enable you to set up every meeting for success before you speak your first word.

Every sale happens between two or more individuals , and any time people are part of an equation, it can create some interesting dynamics. Sales are difficult enough as a profession; if you can increase your rapport and closing ratio with your client simply by selecting the right place to sit, then why wouldn’t you?

Research shows that more sales are closed when the salesperson sits to the left of their potential client than to the right. I am not saying that if you sit in the left-hand seat, you will close every sale; there are too many aspects that lead to a sale for that to be true. You still need to deliver a good presentation, although I am suggesting that by simply understanding the seating strategy, you can increase the percentage of your successful closes.

Keep in mind that I am not talking about manipulation in your sales presentation. What we’re discussing is basic human nature and information you can use to have your meetings and presentations proceed with more success.

Whenever possible, you will want to be the one deciding where each person sits, instead of leaving it to chance. Choosing who sits where is not always possible, but you can still make some minor changes or modifications to benefit you during your presentation. There are various positions to consider, in this article, we will cover where to sit when you are at a conference table.

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The corner position seating arrangement creates a casual, friendly environment for conversation. It has an advantage over having a confrontational “face to face” setting, which is perceived as too direct and aggressive – not the most welcoming qualities to display when you are meeting someone new or presenting to a prospective client.

Corner positioning allows for good eye contact and the opportunity to use numerous hand gestures and body language expressions as well as a vantage point to observe the gestures of the other person. The corner of the table or desk is a partial barrier for each person, which is important because it will provide some security if one person begins to feel threatened for any reason, and at the same time avoids territorial division of the table or desk.

The corner position is the most successful strategic position from which you, the salesperson in position B, can deliver a presentation to your prospective prospect in seat A. By simply occupying the chair in location B shown in the above diagram; you can prevent a tense atmosphere and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

The other significant thing to keep in mind with the corner seating arrangement is to sit to the left of your prospective client whenever possible, especially if you’ll be giving a presentation. Research shows that more sales are closed when sitting to the left of your client. It is because you are speaking more into the right brain hemisphere of your client, which is the emotional side, and where we all make most of our decisions. (We make decisions based on emotions and then justify them logically.)

Knowing and understanding this information will allow you to apply it to your next sales meeting easily and enjoy even more success.

Need more detail about sitting positions?  Grab a copy of our book “Sit Your Way to Success” to learn how you can apply even more strategies.

Toastmasters communications public speaking

Improve Your Communication with Bilingual Toastmasters


Would you like to improve your English AND Spanish speaking skills?  Regardless of your experience in either language, Bilingual Lady Toastmasters meetings can help you:

*decrease your fear of public speaking

*enhance the effectiveness of your message

*remove filler words from your speech like “ah” and “um”

*improve your grammar-immediately respond to questions you do not have much time to think about

Additionally, the Bilingual Lady Toastmasters club provides a warm and supportive environment made up of AMAZING ladies.
Be a guest at the next meeting at Genuine Joe’s Coffeehouse (2001 W Anderson Ln in North Austin)  cellar room from noon to 1 pm.  Meetings are every 1st Wednesday (in English) and 3rd Wednesday (in Spanish) of the month. More on this group can be found HERE.
If you are unable to make these meetings and prefer a Toastmaster club at a different time or place, find a Toastmasters club near you at THIS LINK.
Valerie Chavez can also be reached at 512-919-9634 for any questions.

There is another Bilingual Toastmasters that meets in South Austin on Mondays’ from 12 to 1 PM at IHOP 1101 S Mopac Austin, TX 78746 . More about this group can be found HERE.

RSVP for the Summer’s Biggest Communications Event

Look ahead a few weeks to Thursday, July 28 for Pierpont’s annual Summer Shindig and RSVP now to reserve your spotThis year, we’re convening in Google Fiber’s gorgeous space downtown for the one evening a year when communicators from every industry, role and specialty come together to network and learn more about what’s happening in Austin’s communications space. RSVP here

Meet Austin’s Top Communicators

Hosted by seven communications organizations in Austin with 150+ guests in attendance, we promise you’ll leave with at least one business card, a new friend or two, and maybe even a new coworker.

Taste Local Wine & Beer

We’re bringing the wine bar (and a brewery or two) to you. With wine and beer tastings from The Rotten Bunch, you can try a few new varieties and enjoy some local Austin brews in one place.

Thursday, July 28, 2016
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Google Fiber
201 Colorado St.
Please RSVP by
July, 27, 2016
Thank You to the Hosts of Summer Shindig 2016

Women Communicators of Austin
Austin Alliance for Women in Media
Austin American Marketing Association 
Austin Advertising Federation
North Austin Influencers
Society for Marketing Professional Services

For questions about Summer Shindig, contact Kristen James at 512.448.4950or [email protected].

summer shindig 2016

Meet Sylvester Palacios, Jr., Senior Account Executive for one of Texas’ largest independent communications agencies


Sylvester Palacios is a Senior Account Executive and Internship Coordinator for the Austin office of Pierpont Communications, one of Texas’ largest independent communications agencies.  Since joining Pierpont in 2010, Sylvester has provided public relations and marketing services for clients in a variety of sectors, including private equity, real estate, healthcare, finance, human resources, non-profits and more. Growing up in San Antonio, Sylvester is fluent in Spanish and co-leads Pierpont’s Latin communications practice, overseeing Hispanic media initiatives for several client accounts.  As internship coordinator, he’s charged with recruiting the best talent for account support from universities across the U.S. and internationally.

Since 2011, Sylvester has served as a public information officer for the American Red Cross of Central Texas, regularly appearing on Univision and Telemundo local affiliates to communicate the non-profit’s regional efforts. Sylvester has a bachelor’s degree in public relations and Business Foundations certificate from the University of Texas at Austin.

Sylvester Palacios

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