Advance your speaking and leadership skills with Austin PM Toastmasters

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Advance your speaking and leadership skills with Austin PM Toastmasters


Does the mere thought of standing up to say a few words fill you with fear?
If so, you’re not alone! Fear of public speaking is reputed to rank even higher than death! Whether it’s the upcoming wedding speech, an important pitch to a client, or simply making your point in a meeting of colleagues, it’s easy for the fear to take over – so that you don’t perform at your best. There are consequences for how you’re viewed by friends, family and your boss, with follow-on emotional and economic impacts.

So what would you like to do about it? If you’re employed in a reasonable sized organisation, you might have already attended a presentation skills course.  If you really want to tackle your fear, and also if you’ve not got access to in-house training, Toastmasters is the perfect answer.

Our wide network of clubs and their learn-by-doing program are sure to help you become a better speaker and leader because you’ll be building your skills at a pace that you choose. And the regular meetings (typically twice per month) ensure you practice and develop your skills – just as you might build your muscles through regular exercise .

Here are just some of the benefits of joining Toastmasters:

  • Regular and constructive feedback from other learners as you practice organizing your thoughts and presenting them clearly
  • Access to a wealth of educational materials and resources on public speaking, listening skills and effective communication in conferences and meetings.
  • Insights on communication, leadership, club activities and other relevant topics.

Members quickly gain the skills that allow them to excel at job interviews, present humorous, informative or special occasion speeches or give powerful business presentations.

Attend the next meeting to find out more and see it in action. Guests are welcomed. Austin PM Toastmasters may be the place for you. The group originated to serve Project Managers, but it is not limited to professionals in that field. This group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month at 6:30 pm in North Austin at Asian American Resource Center (8401 Cameron Rd Austin, TX 78754 ). For more information on this group, visit HERE.

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