Meet Roland Murphy, President of the United States Disability Chamber of Commerce and Naval Chief Petty Officer Retired

Meet Roland Murphy, President of the United States Disability Chamber of Commerce and Naval Chief Petty Officer Retired


Roland Murphy’s cultural competency is built on a lifetime of military leadership and international experiences. Acknowledging the strong connection between disability, innovation, diversity and inclusion; the challenge he faces as the founder of the Disability Chamber of Commerce is to help future leaders and fellow professionals understand that connection.

The United States Disability Chamber of Commerce is a national business organization representing the interests of more than 64 million people with disabilities and the 8 million small businesses designated as

Disabled Owned, Certified disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), Veteran disability-owned business enterprises (V-DOBEs), Service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprises (SDV-DOBEs), Certified Disability Confident U.S.A. businesses, and Organizations that assist people with disabilities.

In less than three years, the The United States Disability Chamber of Commerce has assisted their now 500 members, 75 disabled and veteran owned companies. With Roland’s strong leadership the chamber has helped these businesses with ideation, built their websites (with additional training to update the web sites), assisted with marketing tools, set-up their business in accordance with SSI, SSDI, medicaid income rules, and introduced business owners to grants to apply for or fundraising ideas to make their businesses a reality.

In his professional opinion, diversity means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing individual differences, which can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio economic status, age, physical ability and religious beliefs. Accepting and exploring these differences in a safe, positive and nurturing environment to him is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

Roland,Murphy (80 % disabled )

Naval Chief Petty Officer Retired (Naval Expeditionary Forces Sailor of The Year)

President United States Disability Chamber of Commerce

President The Disability Chamber of Commerce (Non-Profit)

Workforce Development Manager Housing Authority Of The City Of Austin

Meet Samuel Alexander, founder and CEO of Concept 2 Conception (C2C)


Samuel Alexander is the founder and CEO of Concept 2 Conception (C2C), an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary B2B2C fashion eco system. Alexander’s experience spans more than three decades—and brings together expertise in both the fashion and technology industries. Samuel is an expert in product design/development; global sourcing/production; strategic branding/marketing; and technology integration. He was instrumental in promoting the growth and development of numerous major labels including Levi Strauss, Votre Nom Paris, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jones of New York, Shelli Segal, David Dart, Laundry, Icon Aura, Lois, Peter Golding, and Sue Wong—among many others. Alexander specializes in Smart Fashion, including Nano and Bio-Tech.


Concept 2 Consumption (C2C) Fashion and Technology is an Austin, TX-based business providing its clients with access to a revolutionary fashion ecosystem.  C2C is the vision of industry veteran, Samuel Alexander. By coupling more than three decades in fashion—with his experience leveraging technology— Alexander positions his clients to take advantage of the ever-evolving fashion industry. His latest creation, C2C, is a Global Fashion and Technology Ecosystem. 

C2C Fashion and Technology enterprise is focused on reinventing the fashion industry through a unique integration of fashion, technology, medical and the arts. The company endeavors not only to develop domestic production, but also to do so in an ecologically-sound and technologically-progressive way.

C2C Business Connect is  the business to business (B2B) platform; C2C V-Shop is the business to consumer (B2C) platform,  C2C Business Builder  is the ERP business network platform that will Integration all of end users’ into one secure seamless networks, while providing the ability to transact business in real time. These three integrated platforms enable businesses willing to harness the disruptive nature of technology to improve their competitive advantage in the global fashion industry with one complete ecosystem.

C2C Co-Lab provides Co-Lab incubation to fashion and technology-related startups

With partners from private industry, government and education, C2C is building a creative company characterized by organizing, collaboration, incubation, and acceleration that will serve as model for the global fashion industry.  If you are interested in exploring how you might join in the collaboration, please contact Samuel Alexander directly.

 Harnessing the Disruptive Nature of Technology to Transform the Fashion Industry

Marina Bhargava, President and CEO of the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce


Marina Bhargava is the President and CEO of the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC). She oversees its overall operation and execution of the Chamber’s goals and objectives.

Marina earned her B.A. and M.A. in economics from Northwestern University. Her career has been in a variety of industries, ranging from benefits consulting at Hewitt Associates to family owned plastics manufacturing. Prior to joining the Chamber, she was the Language Access and Outreach Coordinator for Asian Family Support Services of Austin, a domestic violence agency where she created trainings for and built relationships with the various Asian communities in Austin, and recruited and managed 20 contract interpreter advocates.

Marina currently serves on the board of Community Advancement Network and as an advisory board member of Indie Meme. She was a member of the Austin Area Research Organization’s McBee Fellows Class of 2015 and served on the Mayor’s Task Force for Institutional Racism, Economic Prosperity Commission, E3 Alliance’s Student Success Strike Force committee, and Austin Community College’s Equity Leadership Advisory Team.

Meet Ana Barajas, a Colombian musician and co-founder of 1020 Music Lab


Ana Barajas is a Colombian musician based in Austin since 2011. She is currently the singer of the renowned Hora Once Tango Ensemble, which whom she has performed in venues such as The Long Center, Austin Bergstrom Airport, Central Market, among others. They also perform regularly in Austin and Central Texas at Festival, special events and private parties.

While in Bogotá, this musician and political scientist, performed actively in the Colombian rock scene and toured throughout Latin America. She has also collaborated with different recordings locally and internationally, including projects from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Italy.

In 2015 she finished her studies in Music Business, Performance and Technology in ACC and since then she has been working continuously as a singer and as a producer. She is the co-founder of 1020 Music Lab, a company dedicated to creating music for audiovisual projects, advertising, institutional videos and video games.

Meet Ryan Melendez, Assistant-Vice President and Market Leader for Branch Banking & Trust Company (BB&T).


Ryan Melendez is a Assistant-Vice President and Market Leader for Branch Banking & Trust Company (BB&T), a community banking group for Austin and the surrounding areas. In this capacity, Ryan has responsibilities including business development, small business lending, client management and community engagement. Ryan also serves as a community leader in Austin. During his ten-year banking career, including 8 with BB&T Bank, Ryan’s primary focuses are to build long-term relationships as a trusted advisor with his clients and the community; manage a portfolio of retail and small business clients; and have a strong understanding of his client’s banking; investment and insurance needs.

Ryan was born in Caracas, Venezuela, has been in Texas since 1995, and attended Columbia Southern University. Ryan is an engaged community volunteer who currently serves on the board of Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) and supports various other community organizations in the Austin area. In his free time, Ryan likes doing outdoor activities with his son Stuart and his daughter Rihanna, and their dog Scotts.

Meet Gayle Reaume, founder of Moolah U


Gayle Reaume, founder of Moolah U, an organization created to inspire young people to establish habits that build a life of financial stability and independence. Through the entrepreneurial experience, they come to know themselves as responsible people who can accomplish whatever they choose.

Gayle Reaume founded Moolah U after noticing that children are often not equipped to manage their money powerfully–now or when they are on their own. She wanted to teach her own child how to be financially responsible, and searched futilely for resources to do so.

In response to this need, Gayle used her experience as a business coach, public speaker, and author, to design experiential programs and resources to provide this vital and missing piece of education to our community.

Her clever programs offer a fun, hands-on experience with money, showing kids that financial responsibility is a learned habit that they can develop at a young age.  These innovative programs are delivered in Moolah U’s signature style that engages participants in a real dialogue about the value of money and their relationship to it.

As a founding member of the United Way Capital Area Leadership Council for Financial Stability, Gayle is supporting the movement for financial empowerment for the next generation.

Moolah U assists people in creating more powerful financial perspectives for themselves, dramatically changing the lives of hundreds of kids who are now becoming financially responsible.   This relieves a common area of tension in the home.

Gayle’s commitment is to create a future of financial stability for everyone.

Meet Christina Trevino, a visionary educator


Author Christina Trevino is a leadership entrepreneur, visionary educator and founder of Emotion Leadership Enterprises (ELE) with the goal to have this program in 22 cities by 2022. ELE focuses on professional and personal leadership training and coaching. Emotion Leadership is a critical skillset to accurately identify and express emotions for improved leadership, impacting work, relationships, health and wellness.

ELE is unique in that it bridges personal and professional development, spans from adults to children, corporate to families, leveraging a common framework. Programs include Leadership for the Professionals Spirit™ and Leadership for the Teen Spirit™ . ELE is headquartered in Austin, Texas. In addition to the Leadership for the Human Spirit ™ platform, Christina and her team continue to expand her Zoo in You ™ product line.

In 2013, Dr. Oz selected Christina’s book, “Zoo in You,” as the only children’s program at his inaugural Emotional Health and Wellbeing Conference for military families. And in 2015, Austin Woman magazine chose her as one of its Leading Minority Female Business Owners.


Meet Stuart Wallace, stay-at-home dad, an artist, and a board member of the Georgetown Art Center


Stuart Wallace is a stay-at-home dad, an artist, and a board member of the Georgetown Art Center. He founded North Austin Creatives and was its chair until moving to Georgetown in 2016. While his daughter takes up most of his time, he is always striving to create a wide variety of art while supporting local arts organizations. A creative household and community are priorities he works toward for himself, his daughter, and his neighbors.

Stuart Wallace grew up in Texas to a British mother and a Canadian father whose family emigrated from England and Scotland. Growing up, Stuart felt as though he was living in a British enclave. Feeling out of place drove him to move abroad after university. He studied abroad in Spain, and then moved to rural Nagasaki, urban China, Hong Kong, Okinawa, Tokyo, Panama, and Turkey. His 7 years abroad were transformative and his art expresses foreignness, identity, and place.

After Turkey, Stuart taught bilingual 5th grade in Austin Independent School District (AISD). That experience prompted him to pursue his art full-time at his home studio. Becoming a full-time artist in North Austin frustrated him due to a lack of consolidated information and opportunities. To serve his community and improve these conditions, he worked with Love North Austin to transform that organization into North Austin Creatives, works to strengthen the arts in North Austin.

Stuart Wallace

Meet Mark K Jordan, BS, MBA, wellness consultant, coach, author and speaker


Mark K. Jordan’s career background includes almost 20 years in a research driven health setting in marketing and sales.  Prior to that, he had 8 years of training and research as a Chemist in a Medical school clinical laboratory setting.  These years of research combined with decades of health and wellness experience fuel Mark’s enthusiasm and his passion about what wellness and healthy well-being can bring to many people, regardless of where they are currently in life.

At age 54, he set a Guinness World Record for most number of pull-ups done within a 24-hour period. Mark strongly believes, “with age, we can gain additional tools to enhance our well-being. We can always decide for our best years to be ahead of us, regardless of when we start to focus on our health.”

Mark is currently active in the Wellness sector as a Wellness consultant, coach, author and speaker.  He appeared as a guest on the Dr. Oz show to promote health and wellness, at any age. He is available for consultations, workshops and speaking engagements.  At this time, he is active in the wellness sector in Austin, Texas, acting as a wellness consultant, coach, author and speaker.

Mark Jordan


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