Meet Sonia Castillo, manager of her two family owned businesses


Sonia Castillo is the manager of her two family owned businesses CAST Communications, company that specializes in audio and video equipment/installations and  Kidnapidy, band which plays a blend of original material, classic rock and new rock.

Sonia Castillo is from Durango Dgo Mexico and has lived in Austin since 1999.  Her husband and Sonia have been involved in the operations of  CAST Communications since 2007. Located in Leander, Texas, Cast Communications, the company specializes in audio, video, public address, intercom, and time systems in the educational, commercial, residential, and house of worship markets.  Music being the whole family’s passion, their children, Brisa Castillo and Lluvia Castillo, and husband, Victor Castillo,  are members of the band and continue to play for area eateries, family reunions, Quinceñeras, and weddings.   The couple’s two girls attend at School of Rock in Austin and Brisa is a member at the house band, most advanced students with the music school.  The house band has been involved in many high profile events around Austin including playing  for ACL and musical events out of state like  Milwaukee’s World renowned Summerfest. Kidnapidy has played for various community events benefiting local charities.  They are truly passionate on influencing the Austin area community through their music since this is where they call home.


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