Wine and Cheese Affair with Hindu Charities For America

The purpose of the Wine and Cheese Affair with Hindu Charities For America (HC4A)  is to introduce Hindu Charities For America to the people who potentially may be interested in getting involved, specifically as HC4A Foundation member.  HC4A’s mission is to Bridge Income Disparity Through Education.
Toward this goal, HC4A, founded in 2010, has been working with Jewish community to raise funds for annual donation of school supplies for homeless children in Austin metro area. Last year over $18k was raised and this year, the plan is $20k+  HC4A also donates vocational training scholarships to those students who fall below federally defined poverty measure. This year, the organization plans to donate over $43k through Austin Community College, Capital Idea and Manor ISD.  At present they have 5 Foundation members and looking to expand to 11.
Specifically, the Foundation Members play the following role:
  • Foundation board members each contributes towards charity $2500 or more a year.
  • Members help expand the charity via their influence and contacts
  • They solicit community leaders to make monetary contribution towards the cause
  • Members are expected to spend a minimum of 10 Hours per year towards charitable cause
  • Chairman presents the State of Affairs quarterly to the Foundation Board and is assisted by the Executive Board President

 Please contact Harish Kotecha at (512) 773.7815 to attend the Wine & Cheese Affair so that you can learn more about the efforts. The general location is near Mansfield Dam on 620.
Hindu Charity for America

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