Externship Opportunity for Small Businesses

Externship Opportunity for Small Businesses


In June, Workforce Solutions Capital Area (WSCA) will connect 100 teachers and counselors from AISD, Del Valle, Elgin, Manor and Pflugerville ISDs with three-day externships.

During the externship, an employer provides a teacher or counselor with the invaluable opportunity to observe and speak to employees, including management, about the skills, certifications and career pathways within the employer host’s organization. After completing their externships, the teachers must create lesson plans based on their experiences, which they can then use in the classroom. Here is a short video that WSCA created, which highlights some of the companies and teachers who participated last summer.

Are you an employer interested in participating? Please register here. For small businesses with less than 150 employees, WSCA is able to offer $500 stipends to businesses hosting teacher externs, as a token of appreciation for the time they are dedicating to the teacher externship. Please note that this year, they are placing a particular focus on Health Care, Information Technology, and Skilled Trades/Manufacturing industries.

This unique professional development opportunity connects the classroom to the workplace. In summer 2019, WSCA placed 48 teachers from 3 area school districts in externships with 24 employers in various industries.

Help our teachers be more effective in educating our future workforce!

Sales meeting

Sales Meetings – it matters where you sit


By LeAnn Pashina, founder of Creatively Communicate, Inc .

Believe it or not, where you and your prospective client sits at a table during your presentation will play a factor in the conversational flow, success in closing the sale, and the energy in the room. Understanding this will enable you to set up every meeting for success before you speak your first word.

Every sale happens between two or more individuals , and any time people are part of an equation, it can create some interesting dynamics. Sales are difficult enough as a profession; if you can increase your rapport and closing ratio with your client simply by selecting the right place to sit, then why wouldn’t you?

Research shows that more sales are closed when the salesperson sits to the left of their potential client than to the right. I am not saying that if you sit in the left-hand seat, you will close every sale; there are too many aspects that lead to a sale for that to be true. You still need to deliver a good presentation, although I am suggesting that by simply understanding the seating strategy, you can increase the percentage of your successful closes.

Keep in mind that I am not talking about manipulation in your sales presentation. What we’re discussing is basic human nature and information you can use to have your meetings and presentations proceed with more success.

Whenever possible, you will want to be the one deciding where each person sits, instead of leaving it to chance. Choosing who sits where is not always possible, but you can still make some minor changes or modifications to benefit you during your presentation. There are various positions to consider, in this article, we will cover where to sit when you are at a conference table.

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The corner position seating arrangement creates a casual, friendly environment for conversation. It has an advantage over having a confrontational “face to face” setting, which is perceived as too direct and aggressive – not the most welcoming qualities to display when you are meeting someone new or presenting to a prospective client.

Corner positioning allows for good eye contact and the opportunity to use numerous hand gestures and body language expressions as well as a vantage point to observe the gestures of the other person. The corner of the table or desk is a partial barrier for each person, which is important because it will provide some security if one person begins to feel threatened for any reason, and at the same time avoids territorial division of the table or desk.

The corner position is the most successful strategic position from which you, the salesperson in position B, can deliver a presentation to your prospective prospect in seat A. By simply occupying the chair in location B shown in the above diagram; you can prevent a tense atmosphere and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

The other significant thing to keep in mind with the corner seating arrangement is to sit to the left of your prospective client whenever possible, especially if you’ll be giving a presentation. Research shows that more sales are closed when sitting to the left of your client. It is because you are speaking more into the right brain hemisphere of your client, which is the emotional side, and where we all make most of our decisions. (We make decisions based on emotions and then justify them logically.)

Knowing and understanding this information will allow you to apply it to your next sales meeting easily and enjoy even more success.

Need more detail about sitting positions?  Grab a copy of our book “Sit Your Way to Success” to learn how you can apply even more strategies.  www.sityourwaytosuccess.com

co lab North Austin

CO.LAB Community Makers to celebrate one year of empowering creators


CO.LAB Community Makes provides a creative space by the community for the community. The donation-based and volunteer-driven studio has provided community makers that visit this North Austin location with ongoing training & support, materials, and space for almost a year now. 

The Makerspace offers a wide selection of tools and the training required to work with them safely, from laser cutting to  CNC milling to sewing and screen printing. ​​ The organization operates on a volunteer-driven schedule. Hours has continued to evolve as more volunteers are available. Anyone interested should check the calendar on the web site for the most current schedule.

The Co-working Space is a comfortable common workspace, ideally suited for sharing ideas, equipment, and expertise. Many groups also use co.lab to host a class, teach a workshop, hold an event, or arrange a meet up.

Creatives should consult with one of CO.LAB Community Makers experts to help bring ideas to life with their fabrication equipment. ​ Equipment includes 3D printers, laser cutter, and a vinyl cutter.

SAVE THE DATE–March 28th–CO.LAB birthday celebration & community day . For more details follow them on Facebook or stay tuned to their web site. http://www.colabcommunitymakers.org/

Transportation for people with disabilities


Transportation is an extremely important issue for those with disabilities in the rural areas or in the inner city. People with disabilities have consistently described how transportation barriers affect their lives in important ways. United States Disability Chamber of Commerce aims to develop and implement a transportation plan that addresses these concerns of people with disabilities.

Over the last two decades the National Organization on Disability (NOD) has sponsored three successive Harris polls with people with disabilities, and respondents in each survey have reported that transportation issues are a crucial concern. In the last survey, undertaken in 2004, just under a third of those with disabilities reported that inadequate transportation was a problem for them; of those individuals, over half said it was a major problem. The more severe the disability of the respondent was, the more serious were the reported transportation problems (National Organization on Disability-Harris Interactive, 2004). Donations will assist in developing policies and implementing a plan to address this issue. United States Disability Chamber of Commerce’s plan will create new transportation ideas or leverage existing ones to fulfill the needs of people with disabilities.

For more information on how to help people of disabilities in our area, visit https://disabilitychamberofcommerce.org/

Tax office foundation communities

Foundation Communities helps during Tax Season


Tax season is officially underway, and Foundation Communities has 7 tax sites throughout Austin and Round Rock through April 15. All of their tax preparation services are FREE and available to anyone who makes less than $55,000/year. Please help them spread the word! Drop off is available at all 7 sites for anyone who wants to drop off their tax documents and pick up their completed return the following week. When coming in for tax prep, all tax clients would need to bring photo IDs for primary taxpayer and spouse, SSN/ITIN for everyone on the return, and all 2019 tax documents.

More information is available on their flyers. Click to view HERE.

If you are interested in volunteering at the enter, click to view HERE.

At the Prosper Centers, our mission is to build pathways to financial wellness, higher education and health coverage so that those who face barriers have opportunities to prosper.

The Best New Year’s Purpose


By Jorge Ramos, Director of Prinso Health Center

If you are little or very overweight, your New Year’s Purpose is not to Lose Weight, but to solve the underlying problem of Overweight, that is, RESOLVE THE CAUSE OF OVERWEIGHT or what causes your body to gradually accumulate fat.

Certainly the cause is not the same as the consequence. Currently in society there is great confusion regarding being Overweight, although it is considered a public health problem, given the high frequency with which it occurs both in developed and underdeveloped countries.

This confusion affects even health professionals such as family doctors, internists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, bariatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. and of course to the community in general.

When individuals start taking the overweight problem seriously, they consider it a problem and there is the problem, there is the confusion.

Everyone may think that being overweight is a problem: eating, poor eating habits, compulsion, stress, hormonal, emotional, carbohydrate addiction, lack of exercise, indulgence or neglect, etc. etc. etc. And it is not like that.
Overweight is not a problem; Overweight is the Consequence of a Problem.

The real problem that causes a person (eat what they eat, with or without stress, exercise or not exercise), accumulate fat progressively in the body, is always: a production greater than the corresponding amount of insulin by the pancreas. And that is the true cause of being Overweight. And this increased production of insulin in the body, is called Hyperinsulinemia and most of the time, although not always, it is accompanied by insulin resistance that predisposes to develop Diabetes.

Although it is difficult to believe and difficult to accept; In all cases and in all people with extra weight, The Cause of Overweight is Hyperinsulinemia.

The word Hyperinsulinemia (Hyper-insulin-emia) is composed of HYPER which means high, much or more. INSULIN or Insulin which is the main hormone produced by the pancreas in all people and EMIA or Hemia which means in the blood.
If you are overweight, you should read articles from serious and reliable sources on the Internet about Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance.

Thus, being overweight is never a problem, it is always a symptom; a symptom of hyperinsulinemia.
A symptom is never a problem, on the contrary, it is a blessing, because it is a sign, a warning, an indicator, a messenger, a warning that there is a Problem.

So the best Health Purpose for someone who is Overweight, whether it is a little or a lot, is: Solve the Background Problem of Overweight and not focus on the symptom, not aiming to lose weight, as this will come as a result of solving the problem. cause or resolve Hyperinsulinemia.
And if that is your purpose; Prinso® Health Center is on your side.

PRINSO® means: INsulin Regulation Program in the Overweight and is 100% specific, 100% natural and 100% effective.

The Prinso® Program, which is unique and exclusive to solve the underlying problem of overweight, is based on a specific, healthy, natural, complete, varied and always more than enough diet and is supported by an essential Natural Support that can be Acutens (Local Natural Support in Austin and San Antonio TX) or Prinso ® Capsules (Remote Natural Support with shipping to any city) which, due to its promoter effect of regulating the function of the pancreas, helps you resolve Hyperinsulinemia.

With the wonderful advantage that the results begin to be noticed from the first week.

And when the Prinso® Program is properly finished, you will no longer be overweight and there are precise indications, so that without the need for the Prinso® Natural Support and always being well nourished, avoid developing Hyperinsulinemia or Overweight again.

Here you can BOOK an APPOINTMENT online.
Request an appointment by phone call North Austin TX at 512 450 5150 and San Antonio TX at 210 547 8500.

Toastmasters communications public speaking

Improve Your Communication with Bilingual Toastmasters


Would you like to improve your English AND Spanish speaking skills?  Regardless of your experience in either language, Bilingual Lady Toastmasters meetings can help you:

*decrease your fear of public speaking

*enhance the effectiveness of your message

*remove filler words from your speech like “ah” and “um”

*improve your grammar-immediately respond to questions you do not have much time to think about

Additionally, the Bilingual Lady Toastmasters club provides a warm and supportive environment made up of AMAZING ladies.
Be a guest at the next meeting at Genuine Joe’s Coffeehouse (2001 W Anderson Ln in North Austin)  cellar room from noon to 1 pm.  Meetings are every 1st Wednesday (in English) and 3rd Wednesday (in Spanish) of the month. More on this group can be found HERE.
If you are unable to make these meetings and prefer a Toastmaster club at a different time or place, find a Toastmasters club near you at THIS LINK.
Valerie Chavez can also be reached at 512-919-9634 for any questions.

There is another Bilingual Toastmasters that meets in South Austin on Mondays’ from 12 to 1 PM at IHOP 1101 S Mopac Austin, TX 78746 . More about this group can be found HERE.

Wedding speech

Advance your speaking and leadership skills with Austin PM Toastmasters


Does the mere thought of standing up to say a few words fill you with fear?
If so, you’re not alone! Fear of public speaking is reputed to rank even higher than death! Whether it’s the upcoming wedding speech, an important pitch to a client, or simply making your point in a meeting of colleagues, it’s easy for the fear to take over – so that you don’t perform at your best. There are consequences for how you’re viewed by friends, family and your boss, with follow-on emotional and economic impacts.

So what would you like to do about it? If you’re employed in a reasonable sized organisation, you might have already attended a presentation skills course.  If you really want to tackle your fear, and also if you’ve not got access to in-house training, Toastmasters is the perfect answer.

Our wide network of clubs and their learn-by-doing program are sure to help you become a better speaker and leader because you’ll be building your skills at a pace that you choose. And the regular meetings (typically twice per month) ensure you practice and develop your skills – just as you might build your muscles through regular exercise .

Here are just some of the benefits of joining Toastmasters:

  • Regular and constructive feedback from other learners as you practice organizing your thoughts and presenting them clearly
  • Access to a wealth of educational materials and resources on public speaking, listening skills and effective communication in conferences and meetings.
  • Insights on communication, leadership, club activities and other relevant topics.

Members quickly gain the skills that allow them to excel at job interviews, present humorous, informative or special occasion speeches or give powerful business presentations.

Attend the next meeting to find out more and see it in action. Guests are welcomed. Austin PM Toastmasters may be the place for you. The group originated to serve Project Managers, but it is not limited to professionals in that field. This group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month at 6:30 pm in North Austin at Asian American Resource Center (8401 Cameron Rd Austin, TX 78754 ). For more information on this group, visit HERE.

What Local Registrations are Required?


Provided by George Ellison with LegalShield®

Whether you operate your business in a corporate office or a home office, some type of permit, licensure or registration will most likely be needed. The type and method of securing these permits and licenses often vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction; so it is important to contact local governing bodies to make sure you have the proper documentation. However, almost every business will require some form of permit or license.

Get specific information

Our best advice is that you seek information that is specific to your location. The registration process in Chico, CA may be completely different from the one in Atlanta, GA. Often, your local city or county clerk will be the best person to speak with and should be able to direct you to the necessary paperwork required to legally run your business within the jurisdiction. If any state or federal documentation is required for your business type, the city office should also be able to advise you on this. Obtaining a permit or license may also require a minimal fee.

While changes in local law can impact your licensure or permit status, local governments are required by law to notify businesses within their jurisdiction of these changes. So keep an eye out for any communication from your local government. The Small Business Administration’s website (http://www.sba.gov) also has a robust database on the required registrations for your business at the federal, state, and local level.

Home-based businesses are not exempt from these requirements many times, and a special permit may be required to conduct business in your home due to zoning laws. Depending on your area (some local governments allow almost no commercial activity in residentially zoned areas while others may require special permits, etc.) you may be required to obtain special permission or a variance in order to conduct business out of your home. To find this information, we would recommend going to the horse’s mouth and asking your local authorities, as they will be most familiar with the particular requirements of your area.

While this article addresses local registration, some businesses may also require separate state and/or federal permits and licensure. State licensure is often required for the following business types:

  • Accountants
  • Bill collectors
  • Private security guards and private investigators
  • Real estate agents

This is just a small sampling of some business types which may require special state licensing. Again, the best advice will be to contact your local government for more information on any licensing required for your business type in your business location.

Industries that are heavily regulated by the federal government may require additional permits or licensure at the federal level. Examples of these business types include:

  • Drug manufacturing
  • Ground transportation
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or firearm manufacturing
  • Preparation of meat products

Again, these represent a small sample of the types of businesses which may require federal licensure. And again (you can probably guess where we’re going here) it is important to contact your local governing bodies for more information on the types of permit or licensure that is required for your business type in your location.

Your LegalShield attorney can help with local requirements. Contact George Ellison with any questions at gellisonm@aol.com .

The Rundberg Educational Advancement District (READ)Alliance


Rundberg Educational Advancement District (READ) Alliance is a coalition of local individuals and organizations who work together to create a healthier and more vibrant Rundberg area for school children and their families.   READ Alliance supports the Rundberg neighborhood through local family events, student-led beautification projects, and sharing ongoing events in the Rundberg area. Some of the ongoing collaborative projects for the Alliance included:


In collaboration with students from the R.E.A.D. Alliance, local artists painted the cistern at Barrington Elementary School in the rain garden. The images incorporated drawings from students who live in the Rundberg Education Achievement District.


Every year, R.E.A.D. Alliance hosts a Spring Festival to celebrate the many incredible cultures present in the neighborhood.


Every October R.E.A.D. hosts a Fall Festival and Trick-Or-Treat Safe Zone on Rundberg Lane. Families and kids can enjoy activities and games while walking Rundberg Lane. Local business owners open their doors for trick-or-treating. Neighborhood Police greet families and ensure everyone has a fun and safe night on Rundberg Lane.

The Rundberg Educational Advancement District (READ) was created in 2014 at the initiative of Austin Police District Representative Ray Kianes as a way to sustain the tremendous reduction in criminal activity at I35 and Rundberg Lane as part of the Restore Rundberg neighborhood revitalization initiative, when he realized that, with the opening of IDEA Rundberg in 2015, the whole area located along Rundberg Lane between North Lamar Boulevard and Cameron Road, from Barrington and Guerrero-Thompson Elementary Schools to Dobie Middle School and Dobie Pre-K.

Interested in Getting Involved? Below is some contact information
Events: alison.ghilarducci@gmail.com
Beautification: lynn.osgood@gocoaustin.com
Communications: cecile_fandos@yahoo.frIf you’re not on the READ listserv but would like to be please email: learnaboutread@gmail.com

Interested in staying connected? Follow the at Facebook by clicking HERE.

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