The Best New Year’s Purpose

The Best New Year’s Purpose


By Jorge Ramos, Director of Prinso Health Center

If you are little or very overweight, your New Year’s Purpose is not to Lose Weight, but to solve the underlying problem of Overweight, that is, RESOLVE THE CAUSE OF OVERWEIGHT or what causes your body to gradually accumulate fat.

Certainly the cause is not the same as the consequence. Currently in society there is great confusion regarding being Overweight, although it is considered a public health problem, given the high frequency with which it occurs both in developed and underdeveloped countries.

This confusion affects even health professionals such as family doctors, internists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, bariatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, etc. and of course to the community in general.

When individuals start taking the overweight problem seriously, they consider it a problem and there is the problem, there is the confusion.

Everyone may think that being overweight is a problem: eating, poor eating habits, compulsion, stress, hormonal, emotional, carbohydrate addiction, lack of exercise, indulgence or neglect, etc. etc. etc. And it is not like that.
Overweight is not a problem; Overweight is the Consequence of a Problem.

The real problem that causes a person (eat what they eat, with or without stress, exercise or not exercise), accumulate fat progressively in the body, is always: a production greater than the corresponding amount of insulin by the pancreas. And that is the true cause of being Overweight. And this increased production of insulin in the body, is called Hyperinsulinemia and most of the time, although not always, it is accompanied by insulin resistance that predisposes to develop Diabetes.

Although it is difficult to believe and difficult to accept; In all cases and in all people with extra weight, The Cause of Overweight is Hyperinsulinemia.

The word Hyperinsulinemia (Hyper-insulin-emia) is composed of HYPER which means high, much or more. INSULIN or Insulin which is the main hormone produced by the pancreas in all people and EMIA or Hemia which means in the blood.
If you are overweight, you should read articles from serious and reliable sources on the Internet about Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance.

Thus, being overweight is never a problem, it is always a symptom; a symptom of hyperinsulinemia.
A symptom is never a problem, on the contrary, it is a blessing, because it is a sign, a warning, an indicator, a messenger, a warning that there is a Problem.

So the best Health Purpose for someone who is Overweight, whether it is a little or a lot, is: Solve the Background Problem of Overweight and not focus on the symptom, not aiming to lose weight, as this will come as a result of solving the problem. cause or resolve Hyperinsulinemia.
And if that is your purpose; Prinso® Health Center is on your side.

PRINSO® means: INsulin Regulation Program in the Overweight and is 100% specific, 100% natural and 100% effective.

The Prinso® Program, which is unique and exclusive to solve the underlying problem of overweight, is based on a specific, healthy, natural, complete, varied and always more than enough diet and is supported by an essential Natural Support that can be Acutens (Local Natural Support in Austin and San Antonio TX) or Prinso ® Capsules (Remote Natural Support with shipping to any city) which, due to its promoter effect of regulating the function of the pancreas, helps you resolve Hyperinsulinemia.

With the wonderful advantage that the results begin to be noticed from the first week.

And when the Prinso® Program is properly finished, you will no longer be overweight and there are precise indications, so that without the need for the Prinso® Natural Support and always being well nourished, avoid developing Hyperinsulinemia or Overweight again.

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