2020 Census


2020 Census


2020 Census count is coming up soon. This data is so important as it determines voting districts, federal funding for schools, infrastructure, social services and every person living in the US (all status, even foreign nationals temporarily working here) is required by law to complete the Census. The less federal funding we receive, the more taxes we will have to raise locally. A lot is at stake in the 2020 Census, and our communities can’t afford an under count. Essential neighborhood resources like street improvements, school lunches for children in need, and housing for seniors and families will all be gained or lost because of the 2020 Census.

We only get one chance every 10 years to count all of our residents. With so many new people moving in and others being forced to move to new parts of town, no Census has ever been more important for Austin and Travis County. This Census count will also help local elected officials inform important decisions and determine federal funding allocations for the next decade.

Important Dates

  • Mar 12-20 Invitations to complete census online mailed
  • Mar 16-24 Reminder letters mailed
  • Mar 26-Apr 3 Reminder postcard mailed
  • Apr 1 Census Day: the count is of how many people there are on this day
  • Apr 8-16 Hard copy of questionnaire if you haven’t responded, mailed
  • Apr 20-27 Final postcards mailed
  • In person follow ups will begin

We are counting on you to help spread the word about the Census too! Click Austin Travis County census website for more information.

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